The Legend of Angus Glen, by Mark Koning

The Legend of Angus Glen There is a lot of folk lore surrounding the game of golf when it comes to places and the talents of individual players. Quite a few movies have been based upon the game a ... [More]

Town of Aurora

Town of Aurora 905-727-1375 The Town of Aurora is a fast-growing community with urban amenities, a diverse economy, a skilled workforce and excellent transportation connections. Auror ... [More]

Warden House History by Mark Koning

Warden House History One of the things I like most about ‘folklore’ is that its definition is vast; meaning that a lot of different subjects can all fall under the category. One of these man ... [More]

Alfsen Art by Mark Koning

Alfsen Art Strolling down beautiful Main Street in Markham, looking around at some of the aged, yet preserved and even updated, buildings that line up along the streets, one can get a sense of ric ... [More]

Mill Pond Magic by Mark Koning

Mill Pond Magic So I took a trip into Richmond Hill the other day to drop my mom off at a picnic and then go run some errands before picking her up again. It was at this beautiful and somewhat hidden ... [More]

Number Nineteen by Mark Koning

Number Nineteen     Built in the year 1896, and located in Whitchurch Stouffville’s downtown core, it ran as a market place that was housed on the main floor while up on the second store ... [More]

Loyal and True by Mark Koning

Loyal and True “There’s no place like home; there’s no place like home; there’s no place like home.” We all know about Dororthy and her famous chant from the land of Oz in the hope o ... [More]

An Old Favourite by Mark Koning

An Old Favorite Locust Hill, it sounds like the title of a captivating book. Maybe a suspenseful thriller or a good scary horror; but it is actually the location of my latest York Region drop by. ... [More]

Day at the Museum by Mark Koning

Day at the Museum There’s history in that there building …… the Markham Museum building that is. But it’s not just the building; (a modern day architectural wonder to begin with) history als ... [More]

House of Medicine, By Mark Koning

House of Medicine It touches me every time I see people volunteering. So the other week when I was out volunteering myself, with the Heart & Stroke Foundation, riding the Big Bike, I found it ... [More]

Temple Sanctuary by Mark Koning

Temple Sanctuary It is fairly well know amongst my friends and colleagues that I have a zeal for writing, in many forms, whether it be creative or informative. So, there is an excitement behin ... [More]

Lest We Forget: Georgina’s Military Salute by Mark Koning

Lest We Forget: Georgina’s Military Salute April 15, 2014 If there is anything that could capture someone’s attention in a fairly dramatic way, I think it would be this: a forty-two tonne, stee ... [More]

Sensation Street by Mark Koning

Sensation Street Sitting here in this coffee shop and having a nice soothing tea I look outside and smile at the sight of one of the most charming streets around. Main Street in Unionville wa ... [More]

School House Days, By Mark Koning

School House Days By Mark Koning Some of the best moments are happy accidents, those discoveries that come to you totally unexpected. It was just the other week during one of our spring-like days ... [More]

History Lane by Mark Koning

March 4, 2014 History Lane I’m not one who is much for winter. Being Canadian and having grown up here I know that it is part of life, and I’ll admit to enjoying the odd winter activity, but ... [More]

Mark Koning’s Local Places and Folklore Blog

Mark Koning From an early age, a creative imagination turned into a passion, and it eventually lead Mark to obtain a Creative Writing diploma. From there he began developing ideas, telling stories ... [More]