An Old Favourite by Mark Koning

An Old Favorite

Locust Hill, it sounds like the title of a captivating book. Maybe a suspenseful thriller or a good scary horror; but it is actually the location of my latest York Region drop by. A small town that is located on the outskirts of the city of Markham, settled in 1799, showcases one inparticular historical structure that caught my eye, and may spark your interest as well. Old Favorites Book Shop was established in 1954 and offers thousands of titles to any book lover of all ages.


The bookshop is set inside of a charming building that seems to ooze out nostalgia and begs for you to enter, browse around and gander upon at the offerings set out on display. Walking down the aisles of this quaint little shop one can get a sense of the mystery, fantasy and countless other genres, that is held within the pages that sit upon the antique looking selves. The tiny child-like shopping cart that holds new and/or exchanged novels helps to sustain the intimacy of the place.

Even before you enter through the front door certain selections of readings can be found lining tabels or shelves that live outside on the porch. These books are left in place even when the store is closed, signs plastered all around to indicate that people may pick their choosing and kindly drop through the door slot a monetary donation. Talk about trust….. and a good old fashioned sense of community. I love places like this! Business thrives, yes, but it also ceases to be consumed of  sales only and becomes friendly, warm and develops a personality of cheerfulness and welcoming; which adds a whole new value to the place.!

Books and other paper crafted material (maps, comics, etc..) are not only sold in the store to the avid reader and collector,  they are available online as well. But the Old Favorites business doesn’t stop there and goes further with book repairs and rentals of their merchandise to be used in movies and television; so next time you see a library on film you may just have an idea of where those written props came from.

Old Favorites Book Shop has a history of moving from various locations, all of which brought them success, but have also led them here to York Region, an excellent place for them to settle and  live. You may wish to visit them online at, but going to their establishment at 132 Highway # 7 RR1 Locust Hill Ontario, I think, is the real treat. Go with a friend or loved one, or even on your own, and spend some time getting lost in pages that are within Locust Hill.