Chinese Collective Arts Association

After years of being trained in Chinese Dance together, a group of dancers from Chi-Ping Dance Group gathered to share their passion for the Chinese cultural arts and promote it to the community. Lead by their enthusiasm for dance, music, theatre and hosting functions and events, the CPDG Cultural Arts Association (CCAA) will play a prominent role in providing the public with a taste of China in their own unique and modernized ways.


A non-profitable organization that promotes and educates the Chinese cultural arts to the community through engagements and events.


1. To serve the community through organizing and participating in charitable events.

2. To work in conjunction with other organizations, groups, and individuals to promote Chinese culture.

3. To act as a forum for Chinese cultural education.


With a mandate to deliver the arts in charitable and educational ways, the CCAA will be providing various ways to engage the public in activities that represent their passion for Chinese culture. The following is a list of a few activities that the association will host:

• Dance, musical, theatre, etc. workshops

• Seminars conducted by East Asian Studies professors

• Educational cultural tours

• Fundraising events and/or functions