Day at the Museum by Mark Koning

Day at the Museummarkham

There’s history in that there building …… the Markham Museum building that is. But it’s not just the building; (a modern day architectural wonder to begin with) history also lies beyond, in the rather large backyard. Exiting the rear doors of this collection institute is like travelling into another era.

Located in, you guessed it, Markham Ontario, the entire excursion for me begun with a friendly greeting upon entry of the building, which included a brief introduction of verbal directions accompanied by a site map that I could take along with me for the journey. Every staff member I came across after that offered a sincere smile and a warm hello to make me feel welcome wherever my feet took me.

markham1Starting inside, you can visit three floors that each offer thoughtful exhibits and factual history of the surrounding city. Two things that really caught my attention were the statuesque structure from the Global Diet display (I was a bit puzzled at my first glimpse of it, but it did possess a definite attraction) and the translucent objects that hummed cricket like sounds from the Homunculous Agora display. (The small noises caught me off guard as soon as I had entered the room; I never expected an audible exhibit) This day at the museum was turning out to be quite fun and interesting!markham3

Indoor displays consist of some permanent artifacts and some revolving exhibitions; but whatever may be on tap, it promises to be enthralling! Then the tour heads outdoors and showcases there are both riveting and permanent. You can walk around the grounds, following dirt and gravel laid pathways, experiencing the beautiful surrounding nature, and visiting some historical landmarks. I had wished that I brought a picnic for it crossed my mind that this would make a great place for a getaway lunch; jumping on board the old steam train and allowing it to whisk me away.



Not only does each lot hold a standing plaque of information about the piece on display for you to absorb and understand, but you can even play a round of mini-golf through time! If that’s markham5not enough of a reason to visit….. Once I approached and saw exactly what it was, I laughed in amazement; it is actually quite a clever way to engage people in historical facts. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a game of mini golf?

In all, the place is spectacular! It is a one stop shop that consists of history, learning, amusement, wonder and family fun. Suitable for adults, children, students, teachers, historians…. Well, you get a point.

Visit for information on hours of operation and fees.