Getting to Know Derek Mike Burns

mikebSo why do we do this? It is certainly not for the millions of dollars we earn each year.

In our mature adult years are we still searching for that fame and fortune and the next song we produce will strike gold? Better yet… forget the kajillions of dollars we earn plying our trade as musicians each year and take notice that virtually every charity fundraiser known to modern man is propped up by performing artists who truly must be getting oodles and oodles of money to perform at these functions.


It’s passion. It is the passion for their music and the absolute adrenaline rush of performing in front of an appreciative crowd (and the adrenaline rush of just performing whether the crowd is appreciative or not).  More importantly (in relation to charity work), it’s passion for life and a deep rooted need to contribute to something greater – at least I think it is.

Case in point; one of my new good friends, Mr. Derek Christie. Derek was born in Montreal (and only because of that will I forgive him for being a Habs fan) and now lives in Richmond Hill. Derek has been doing the music thing for a long time. He is a masterful and supremely talented singer songwriter. He does and can do a gig every week that helps contribute to the billions of dollars he earns each year (by the way – as I am referring to these astronomical numbers in relation to what musicians earn I am assuming you all understand the definition of sarcasm and the concept of tongue in cheek).

Almost as often, Derek is out there doing work for the many causes that strike dear to his heart and I am pretty sure he is not doing it for a whole lot of money. Over Christmas Derek co-hosted and performed in the 4th annual Richmond Hill Community  Food Bank Music Marathon one week, and the very next week was performing at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts in the Out of the Cold fundraiser providing shelter to homeless people in York Region

On January 25th, Derek performed at the Acoustic Town Hall at Archibald’s Pub on Yonge Street in Richmond Hill – an event that combined local politics and music to bring the community spirit together..

Derek is not alone. Check out the work being done by other local artists; Glenn Marais, Marion Drexler and on and on and on.

Who knows? Maybe someday Derek’s music will hit the big time – (it should because it just that good). But whether he makes it “big” in the music industry or not, I know he is rich beyond words with the work he provides and the work he does.

Check out where and when Derek is playing and buy his music at his web-site at .

Please do me a favour as well. The next time you are at a charity function and there is a band or performer up there playing their hearts out – go up and thank them.