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Owner of momstown Georgina and East Gwillimbury, blogger, community producer of mommy talk on Rogers TV, wife, mom of two wonderful kids and two amazing dogs oh ya and I can’t forget the  bunny that recently joined in the fun.  My life is busy, hectic, fun and I love it!

I am home for runny noses and school trips but I get to walk out the door and be the business women I aimed to be.  You know what they say if you want something done give it to the busiest person you know. I am that person and I will get it the job done every time.



Supporting Local Schools in Georgina 

February 20, 2014

kidstobogganDo you support your local schools?  The parent council works hard to raise money for our kids; I’ve seen it and done it firsthand.  When I see an event or get an email to join in as a vendor with my business I find it hard to say no.  I know these teachers and parents are volunteering their time and efforts for our kids.  Have to admit it pulls at my heart strings a little and I usually say yes even when my calendar is full.  Some events big some events small but all of these events are for the same reason, fundraising to assist our schools and our kids.




Recently I was invited to Lake Simcoe Public School Shiver ‘N’ Shake Carnival as a vendor with my business.  I don’t do a lot of winter events but I just couldn’t say no.  I paid for my table and offered up an item for the auction. The nice thing about these kid friendly events is my kids can join in the fun.  Dad took my son to hockey in the am and then they joined in the fun for the rest of the event. My daughter was very excited to see princess Elsa.



snakeThere was a lot going on and that meant a lot of effort went into planning.  Lots of volunteers were making sure it all went smoothly throughout the day.  Some of the events of the day included:firefighter

  • Pancake breakfast
  • Storytelling
  • Shopping
  • Silent auction
  • Princess visit from Elsa
  • Craft room
  • Face painting
  • Cookie decorating
  • Animals
  • Musical fun with Connors Music
  • Hot chocolate, hot dogs and hamburgers
  • Raffles and more…

snowAfter I’d been at the event for a while manning my table I decided to take a break from the gym to walk around and see what else was going on.  We’ve had a wonderful winter with lots of snow for outdoor activities. This event took advantage of the great snow hills with sled races and snow hill climbing.  As I looked around I saw children bundled up in their snow suites with just big eyes and red rosy cheeks peeking through. The sounds of giggles and laughter made me smile and want to run up those hills and play in the snow with my own kids.

After all that exercise it was time to take it down a notch and off to the library for story time and music. Connors Music entertained the kids with musical interactive fun.

Next time your local schools reach out for a donation or want you to pop by their event, take the time to get involved. Support local schools, have fun, you may even be surprised at the awesome event your school council provides.  And if you are able to do so be sure to volunteer they are always looking extra hands to help out. ladies

Kim Edmiston

Owner, momstown Georgina and East Gwillimbury