Lots More Than Vegetables at the East Gwillimbury Farmers’ Market by Kim Edmiston

Lots more than vegetables at the East Gwillimbury farmers’ market


Farmers feed families and for our family we think it’s important for our children to understand that.  We also think it’s important to start the understanding at home.  Each year we have our own vegetable and fruit garden at home for the kids to grow.  We start with planting seeds and taking care of them.  Then in June we plant the seeds, feed, water and prune them until we harvest what we’ve grown.  I even try to fill the freezer with berries to last us through the winter.

The other day I got stuck behind a tractor and the kids noticed that we were moving slow because of it.  “Mom, hurry and get by him he’s going slowly,” said a voice from the back seat. My response was, “I don’t mind travelling slow behind him, and he’s the same man that makes sure we have good, fresh local fruits and vegetables on our table. If we need to go slow so he can farm his fields I am ok with that.”  They liked that answer and replied by saying, ‘mom I don’t mind if we go slow if we are behind a farmer cause farmers feed families.”


Farmers markets are great, and we try to visit them as often as we can.  Thursday when the school bus arrives we hop in the car and head to the East Gwillimbury farmers’ market.  Oh, we could just stop at the local grocery, but that would not teach my children the same, nor would it help our local farmers.


My children love to garden at home and they enjoy going to the farmers’ market , they also will try new food when they get to go and pick them out themselves.  Of course we always have some cucumbers in the shopping bag but I enjoy watching them as they investigate and even sample some new items they are not familiar with.  Last week they even got samples of rhubarb / strawberry ice cream and really enjoyed it.



My first trip there this year I was welcomed by many familiar faces, including Pat-A-Cake with some yummy sweet treats, and Jo’s popcorn.  I first met Jo last year at the Sutton Fair and enjoyed a fresh bag of kettle corn each day of the fair.  It was dinner time while we were at the farmers’ market so it was nice that I was able to buy the kids a hot dog, drink and chips without breaking the bank too.


Other items we found at the farmers’ market were fresh homemade soup, dips and sauces, baked bread, even fresh popcorn.  Supporting our local farmers is so important and we have many farmers’ markets in York Region so be sure to check out where they are and take the kids along.  They may even surprise you at what they pick out to bring home.