Mill Pond Magic by Mark Koning

Mill Pond Magic

So I took a trip into Richmond Hill the other day to drop my mom off at a picnic and then go run some errands before picking her up again. It was at this beautiful and somewhat hidden away gem called Mill Pond Park; named after, and in recognition of, the sawmill that was there in the late 1800’s. The mill called on Mother Nature by using this pond for power and played an important role toward Richmond Hill’s cultural heritage as it helped make the heart of the town an attractive place for folk to settle and call home.

Mill Pond Park is currently used to stage a popular summer series of Concerts in the Park, and it also hosts the annual Winter Carnival and Mill Pond Splash Events. Plus, it has a pretty awesome playground for kids! Being full of moms and tots; I noted the coolness of this adventure set that can even be tempting to those adults with a young heart.mppark

My mom was there to join her March of Dimes women’s group for a nice luncheon in these tranquil and picturesque surroundings. On my way out of the park is when I noticed this small building/home with a sign in front that read “Mill Pond Gallery”, home to a society of Richmond Hill artisans.mppark1

mppark2I came to learn that it was a few enthusiastic individuals with a common vision for creativity who formed this group in the year 1978, and by doing so, fashioned a bit of history of their own. The lore behind these passionate craftsmen and craftswomen has them meeting and conducting workshops in basements, coffee shops and community halls, before the current gallery to display their works was erected in 1994. As a literary artist who understands having the creative juices run through ones veins and the need to pour it out onto canvas or paper, I admire their dedication and zeal along with the beautiful oil and watercolour paintings and charcoal sketches that they share with the public. What I believe makes an artist truly gifted and meant to be appreciated is when he or she can offer their skilled know how and inspirational thoughts to others, and the Mill Pond group, known as the Richmond Hill group of Artists (or RHGA) does just that. With the goal of enriching the community, they give artistic lessons to eager students who would like to sign up and learn. Creative aptitude is a wonderful thing to be shared amongst peers as it helps build character, relationships, and harmony.

History, Artistry, and a bit of Folk Lore, and all across the road from the serene setting of a park that is a part of Mother Nature at her finest; what more could you ask?