Our Journey to Local Parks Continues by Kim Edmiston

Our journey to local parks continues.  This week we decided to hit some of the local school parks.  It’s almost time for school to be let out and the school parks will be a little quieter and a great place to spend some family time.  Many of the school parks also have some great areas for safe bike riding too.


On the weekends some of the town parks by the beaches can get really busy as lots of out of town families come to visit our beautiful beaches and facilities.  This is a great time to head to some of the quieter parks in town including the parks at schools.


Recently we stopped by three parks, Keswick Public School, Lakeside Public School and St. Thomas Aquinas School.  All three were great fun for the kids and all were a little different with lots of variety.


First was KPS on the Queensway


My kids like the “leaf” or “spider web” at KPS.   Each of these schools has ample parking after hours so if you are not close by, no worries you have somewhere to park your vehicle.  If you are close to the park, well a bike ride is a great way to get there.




The next one we went to see was Lakeside Public School located 213 Shorecrest Rd.

play5 play6


The last one we went to see was St. Thomas Aquinas School at 262 Old Homestead Rd.



Let’s face it no matter your age, a “twirly slide” driving a ship, running across a bridge, climbing the bars, big or small it’s a lot of fun to head to the park for a new adventure.  And a great way to enjoy some quality time together.



I love the squeals of my kids when I go racing up the ramp and chase them across the bridge to a slide.  They think they are home free but nope, mom heads down the slide too and they squeal a little more.


Soon the kids will be out of school and you will be looking for things to do that don’t break the bank. Parks are a great thing to add to your summer bucket list.  Pack a picnic and stay for a while.


Some days are just too hot to head to the park but we have lots of splash pads in the area and we will be checking those out real soon as they recently opened and will be open for the rest of the summer for some cooling off fun.


We used to go to the Splash Pad in Mount Albert by the library and we have not been there in a while so we thought we would head down and review that one for you too.  Recently The Town of Georgina has opened a few splash pads and we have not been to them yet so thought we’d check them out. These include the ROC , Watson Park and Constable Garrett Styles Park.


Stay tuned as our cool travels continue.