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HUngry Brew Hops NewmarketGet your grub on with York Region!

Hungry Brew Hops – The First & Only Gastropub in Newmarket!

The journey began at the age of 16 with an illustrious line cook position at an east end bowling alley (hey, you gotta start somewhere).
From humble beginnings, Boris honed his six senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing and of course, chopping, learning the ins and outs of the restaurant industry. Fast forward this journey over 20 years later, Boris’ life-long dream of opening his own has turned into sweet fruition.

Welcome to Newmarket’s first gastropub.
​The term “gastropub” is a portmanteau (i.e. fancy-pants word for combination) of “gastronomy” and “pub”.

We at HBH have embraced this blissful union and are excited to bring you what we believe to be a pretty remarkable dining experience! Our mantra: to serve really good, honest food with some really good, honest beer.

Frankly, the merger of the two worlds needs no introduction, but where our emphasis lies is in its execution.
Our food is not fine dining gourmet, but rest assured, we think it’s especially yummy (i.e. non fancy-pants word for whoa, that’s delicious). Our draught selection (33 taps) features only the finest microbrews and wines, and while we cannot argue the success and popularity of the macros, we think the little guys have something special to offer.

Welcome to Hungry Brew Hops Public House & Eatery.
Find us on Newmarket’s lovely Main Street | 211 Main Street South | Newmarket, ON | t. 905-235-8277 | Reservations? Click here for more info