Sensation Street by Mark Koning

Sensation Street

Sitting here in this coffee shop and having a nice soothing tea I look outside and smile at the sight of one of the most charming streets around. Main Street in Unionville was settled in the year 1794 and the village became a milling centre through the middle and late 1800s. Walking down this lovely little winding road that is lined with intricate brick work, you can enjoy many different sites and landmarks, including historical buildings such as the Queens Hotel built in 1860, the Eckhardt Macay Art Centre House erected in 1837, or the Unionville Train Station established in 1871.



What makes this street most amazing is the blend of history with the beauty of nature and the picture perfect construction of its landscape to the modern and trendy accessories of shops and restaurants. The flower shops, the special and edible treats that are offered, the cigar bodega and authentic collectibles, the coffee places, the bistros and taverns, bars and grills, and their lingering sweet smells in the air. On top of all of this the variety of unique events that take place all year around from the Old Time Christmas parade to the concerts at the bandstand and summer movies that are played outside and under the brilliance of the stars. There is also the infamous Markham Jazz Festival (one of the finer community jazz festivals in Canada) and the endearing, and delicious, farmers market that takes place at the old Stiver Mill, circa 1916.

Whether visiting as a history buff, with family, or with a friend to get a pint, this sensational street leaves people smiling. I am proud to know that this treasure chest of greatness is located right here in York Region and magically represents both the old and modern day world very well. It is really beyond words and pictures; it is something that has to be experienced.


I have been here on quite a few occasions, whether to visit friends in the area, attend an event or to grab a meal at one of the awesome bar and grills; and every time I am awestruck with fascination. It is so quaint and fun and pleasant, and the idea that I just travelled through a portal to a place of its very own plays through my mind. Sitting in one of the coffee houses, walking up and down the road or along one of the nearby streams, or indulging in some of the finer foods, being there is like taking a trip over the rainbow to that special place called Oz…. or in this case, Unionville.

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