Shadowpath Theatre Productions

Shadowpath Theatre Productions is a professional not-for-profit organization dedicated to inspiring renewed artistic awareness within the community through the production of contemporary theatre with a focus on Canadian content and the development of original works. Focus of the company is twofold: Shadowing playwrights by creating new life for their plays, and building paths through original works and innovative Canadian creation

Shadowpath Theatre Productions is a professional theatre company and registered not-for-profit organization founded in 2002. Our vision is to inspire renewed artistic awareness within the community. Shadowpath produces stage plays that speak to a Canadian audience with themes that are timely and relevant. Our theatre productions will make you think and feel while also being entertained. Our mission is to provide a professional outlet for emerging artists while also providing opportunity to the experienced theatre practitioner. This approach welcomes new energy to our productions with the professional guidance of theatre experts.

Shadowpath functions in a positive artistic environment and encourages the community to take a proactive role in our cultural development. We continue to work with diverse theatre professionals regardless of cultural differences. We are also focused on discovering interesting playwrights and sharing their voice with an audience.

Scripts chosen will continue their development process in an intimate setting and through audience response and feedback, scripts can move forward to the next stage. Shadowpath is targeting a new generation of practitioners, playwrights and theatre-goers. Through thought-provoking productions we will continue to create an increased artistic and cultural awareness for our diverse audiences