Sutton Fair Family Day by Kim Edmiston

Sutton Fair Family Day



Every year my family goes to the fair; we’ve been going since my son was a baby.  I can’t imagine missing the fair and since I work there each year I am there for the four days of the fair, one of my favourite events.


Prior to the fair its time to get ready.  crafting, vegetables, photos and even some baking is part of the week before the fair.  Each one of us from the family submits something on to be judged, and maybe even a few ribbons.  Every person that submits an entry also receives a free admission ticket to the fair.  It doesn’t take a lot of time and the looks on the kids faces when they see those ribbons is well worth it.


Friday is the baby show, always takes me back to the year my son won. Now I cheer on my friends.  Win or not it’s still a lot of fun and each and every one of the babies on stage is beautiful and a winner to me.


Here are just a few of my favourite memories from the fair this year. The derby and the monster truck ride.   This year friends of mine painted a car for my business and the added excitement seeing that car was something I just can’t explain in words.  It was a great derby and the momstown car came in second place!!!  Look for the momstown car next year and cheer it on, we are planning to bring an entire cheering section.


I have watched monster trucks my entire life since I was young and cheering on Grave Digger.  A ride on one was exciting for me, and something I hadn’t planned on.   When my kids said they couldn’t go alone I was more than happy to join them on the ride.  Monster Jam, General Hazzard was the truck that we were able to go for a ride.  A few bums and spins along the way added to the excitement.



The Jr. Ambassador program a great opportunity.  I know the people that run it personally and the hard work that goes into it just can’t be ignored.


Of course it wouldn’t be a fair without the animals and the midway.  Pony rides, horse show, sheep shearing, petting zoo, cows, and many more animals and animal shows can be found at the fair.


For my son he waits for the Blades of Glory show.  The second show he was watching he got picked to go into the ring to assist with a demo.  A memory that will stay with him for a very long time I am sure.  As a matter of fact he’s still talking about it.



Just a few things at the fair and you always run into some familiar faces too! There is so much more so take the time and come out for a day or two every August, you’ll be glad you did.