“Passage to Freedom: Secrets of the Underground Railroad”


Event Description

The Elman W. Campbell Museum presents “Passage to Freedom: Secrets of the Underground Railroad” at Newmarket Old Town Hall February 7 to 27, 2018 in recognition of Black History Month. In the 1850s, approximately 40,000 Black refugees entered Canada from the United States. This interactive travelling exhibit from the Welland Historical Museum explores slavery, the Underground Railroad, a secret network that assisted fugitive slaves escape to freedom in Canada, and the challenges escaped slaves faced once in Canada. Travel back to the mid-1800s to learn about slavery, escape, and freedom.


Tuesday through Friday: 4-8p.m.

Saturdays: 2-4p.m.

Open to Schools by Appointment Only: (Tues and Thurs) 9a.m. – 12p.m.

Guided tours: Wed and Fri evenings 4-8p.m., Saturday afternoons 2p.m. For more information call 905-953-5314, email: elmanmuseum@rogers.com or visit Newmarket.ca/museum.

Generously sponsored by the Department of Canadian Heritage Museums Assistance Program, and the Downtown Welland Development Board.