The Hartman Clean Start Retreat

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Event Description

Are you ready to start 2018 off on the right foot?

On Saturday, January 20th, come to the Hartman to experience a rejuvenating day retreat designed to relax, reignite and inspire you for the new year. Clean Start is an exclusive retreat built around the concept of a new mindset for the New Year. The start of a new year can bring with it a lot of pressure to be ‘a new you’. Instead of the stress that brings, encounter a new way of thinking about your goals for yourself. Expect to come out of this retreat reinvigorated and ready to face 2018 with a new mindset about yourself.

Start the day off with a yoga session with Catherine Marie, of Apana Yoga Studio. Catherine is a passionate yoga teacher who enjoys sharing the healing and energizing effects that yoga has. Clear your mind of any outside distractions that are weighing you down. There is no need to be an advanced yogi, all levels are welcome.

Learn about healthy food and how to fuel your body and enjoy a delicious lunch at the same time. Prepared by holistic nutritionist Catherine Devos of Catherine Devos Holistic Nutrition. She is a certified member of the Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals. You’ve never tasted healthy food this amazing before!

Participate in a workshop with popular wellness coach Barbara Erochina.

Have you ever felt like setting new years resolutions is an exercise in futility because you feel like you will never succeed in your goals? Join Babara and flip the idea of resolutions on their head.

Through group discussion, journalling and partner talks you’ll delve into what it means to have self compassion rather than self esteem. What if rather than coming from a

place of self judgement or needing to be fixed, we begin with the possibility that we are already whole and build from there?

Additional Information

195$ + HST Before January 10th
220$ + HST After January 10th