The Hartman Venetian Soiree

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Event Description

It seems only natural that Venice, arguably the most magical and seductive city in the world, would have some secrets. Though the Venetian custom of enjoying cicchetti – the exquisite bite-size appetizers unique to this city – is no secret, when you step off the crowded, narrow streets into a cozy, cave-like bàcaro where cicchetti and wine are served, you may indeed feel you have stumbled upon a hidden treasure in the winding labyrinth of Venice.

The bàcaro remains a homey, intimate place for relaxed socializing and joyful conviviality. For a Venetian, there is nothing more delightful than to stay awhile with friends, meeting and chatting with whoever drops by, while enjoying a delicious nibble and quenching the thirst with a little wine.

For Venetians, relaxing in the company of friends with a glass of good wine and a delicious cicheto is understood to be a regular ritual essential for a person’s health and well-being – a bit of wisdom the rest of us are coming to embrace as well.

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