The Grey Goat


The Grey Goat Restaurant and Bar is nestled in the heart of historic Newmarket on the charming and quaint Main Street. Standing amidst beautiful historic buildings that make for a relaxing promenade, the Grey Goat is also only a stone’s throw away from Fairy Lake. Perched atop a hill in the historic Henry Harrison mansion – one of the most significant heritage homes in town – patrons can enjoy friendly pub fare in the bar or on the patio.

Originally the home of Henry and Ann Harrison built in 1865, the past is still very much part of the present. The Henry Harrison House has long convinced owners and employees that it is haunted. Sudden door slamming, strange noises from the basement and seeing the outline of an old lady while in the basement are just a few of the experiences staff has reported. There is a mystique surrounding the history of the house due to the fact the original owner died in it and it was used as a funeral home for a short period in the 1930s.

The Grey Goat is a great stop for anyone looking for a bite to eat and a way to enjoy the weekend. Every Saturday night the pub boasts live music welcoming enough that it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to see some other worldly patrons tapping their toes!

For more information call 905 898 0418.