The Hunt Pub and Hogans Inn at Four Corners


What pairs better with a delicious meal than a historical setting? In 1851 Isaac Dennis built a hotel for his daughter and her husband John Hogan. Dubbed “Hogan’s Inn at Four Corners” the Inn was advantageously located at the main intersection in King City at Keele Street. With a number of attractions in the immediate area such as Crawford Wells General Merchant across the road, the Springhill dance hall next door and a small race track behind the Inn, it is easy to understand how Hogan’s could become a central part of life in King Township.

The unique charm of Hogan’s has been preserved through a succession of proprietors. Though renovated a number of times over the years, plenty of the original parts of the building remain, including the glass panes over the front entrance, hand made and imported from Pennsylvania artisans, that were the height of architectural fashion in Upper Canada in the 1850’s.

The Hunt Pub downstairs continues in the spirit of Hogan’s original tap room. Delightful original setting of natural stone accented with leather and oak recalls the spirit of uncomplicated good times long ago. With dining of a quality unmatched in York region, a strong commitment to serving local produce and an enduring sense of warm hospitality, Hogan’s today, as it did one hundred and fifty years ago remains a testament to the spirit of King Township.

Quality live entertainment on weekends is the cherry on top of the cake, even with a bit of room to dance!

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